"Smart judge" will address rental disputes in Dubai

Dubai Land Department has released an application to give verdict on different issues in the rental field in few seconds.

Dubai authorities go on taking new steps to help Dubai tenants and landlords solving disputes. In addition to the opportunity to address the Rental Committee to resolve rental disputes, Land Department has now set to harness modern technology to serve its customers.

With a new “Smart Judge” application presented at the Dubai International Government Achievements Exhibition (DIGAE 2016) recently, tenants and landlords will be able to resolve all arising disputes faster.

For example, when a tenant wants to know whether raising rental cost is legal in his case, he will be able to get the answer by entering specific parameters to the application. All existing local real estate rules and regulations in force will be loaded into the application. For a while “Smart Judge” will work only in Arabic, but app builders promise other languages will be added soon.

It should be noted that the launch of a “Smart Judge” app is not the first smart initiative taken by Dubai real estate authorities. As imexre.com previously mentioned, all real estate regulations were substantially modified after the crisis of 2008. In particular, the Rent Cap was applied in Dubai to all residential and commercial properties. It measures Rental Index and limits the size of the maximum rent increase permitted. To this end, RERA has developed Rental Increase Calculator that can be used to calculate the rent increase permitted by law.

The calculator is updated every four months. The data for the rental index is taken from different sources, starting with official DLD data on the average rents in a given area and including advertisements in newspapers, on billboards, websites, etc. Since its launch the calculator was improved and now it takes into account more parameters affecting rental cost, including even the room view.

Another easy way to know the average rental rates for your area is to address IMEX Real Estate experts. Our pros will help you calculate, whether a rental increase for your property is possible and permitted, and will also notify tenants within statutory period of time. Get your free expert advice as part of our property management services. Entrust your property to professionals!

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