Swarovski Sparkle Tower to be built in Dubai Marina

Tebyan, Dubai Property developer has signed a deal with Swaroviski as the premium supplier to build a two tower residential crystal themed complex, which will give luxury living a new definition.

Tebyan, Dubai property developer has contracted a partnership with Swaroviski, the Austrian crystal giant to build a two tower residential project at Dubai Marian. The tower will be crystal inspired and will be called ‘Sparkle Towers and will revealed in October 2014,as reported by Gulf News.

The ‘Sparkle Towers’ will be the first of its kind and has been patented by Swarovski as ‘Space Marvel’. The towers will offer a lavish resort style residential living and will be recognized for its beautiful crystal themed novelties, including sparkling lighting fixtures and solutions to crystal interiors and decorations.

The first sparkle tower will have 30 floors, including the ground floor and will present a view of the Dubai Marina from three sides. The second tower on the other hand, will have 15 floors including the ground floor and will have a view over the Jumeirah Beach Residence and also provide a limited view of the marina and the sea. A residential podium consisting of 5 floors will connect the two towers.

Managing Director of Tebyan, Naji Alia said that the ‘Sparkle Towers’ will take luxury residence to new and completely different level. And that Tebyan is very pleased to have partnered with Swaroviski a leading name in the crystal industry to develop a unique tower. The Senior Vice President at Swarovski, Peter Pelletier said that that being the main supplier of the crystal tower it is very excited to provide the residents of the towers to experience a luxurious crystal living.

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