Ten new pedestrian bridges to be build in Dubai

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority announced the upcoming improvement of urban infrastructure.

In order to reduce the number of accidents on the roads in Dubai, ten new overground covered footbridges will be built, the statement made by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority said.

The two pedestrian crossings will be constructed over Baniyas Road, in close proximity to the Department of Property and Land Resources building, as well as to Dubai Municipality office. The remaining bridges are planned to be built over Khaled bin Al Waleed Road not far from Al Tawar Center, over Al Ittihad Road near Dnata, as well as over Arabian Ranches Road (Road 323), Al Mankhool Road, Latifa bin Hamdan Road and others main transport corridors of Dubai.

Dubai authorities have decided to improve the city's infrastructure this way, for previously they have been repeatedly criticized for lack of attention to pedestrians in areas with heavy traffic. Now pedestrians will be able to move freely and, most importantly, safely, and drivers will not have to slow down on high-speed road sections to allow pedestrians to cross the road.

All planned footbridge crossings will be built during the years of 2016-2017, so that eventually the number of pedestrian overground crossings in Dubai would reach 120.

Last week Dubai Municipality presented a report with detailed plans for the city’s further improvement, designed by authorities. It is planned to build a lot of new properties for public use under this program, as well as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, museums and a large number of new parks. In addition, a lot of iconic projects will be completed in the coming years in Dubai, including Dubai Canal with embankments on its both sides, the Aladdin City tourist center, which will recreate the atmosphere of the old Dubai, the giant frame-shaped museum Dubai Frame, Dubai Eye — the largest Ferris wheel in the world and a number of other projects that will turn Dubai into one of the most interesting and comfortable cities for living in the world.

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