The world's largest night market to be completed by 2018 on Deira Islands


Night Souk to be the first project delivered on Deira Islands in Dubai.

Dubai master developer Nakheel keeps carrying out its plan for the shoreline and four islands development in Dubai's Deira district.

Nakhel revealed the date when the first one between facilities planned for construction on Deira Islands is going to welcome guests. By the end of 2018, the world's largest and most authentic traditional Arabian Night Souk market will probably see first visitors. This place is going to become a magnet for tourists. 5,300 shops, stalls and outlets will be working every night, starting at 5:30 PM. The market will front 2 km long Deira’s coastline with the brand new promenade developed by Nakheel.

Night market construction will cost AED 1.7 billion with outlets expected to add up to AED 300 million of rental income to the company's profits.

Of the four islands of Deira to be developed in the future, the two are already being built up at the moment. Here, the traditional "old Dubai's charm" gives way to the present day with facilities complying with the latest requirements and architectural trends. Nakheel has recently held a tender for construction of a 4.5 mln square feet Deira Islands Mall. 16 residential towers will be also set around the Mall with completion scheduled for 2020. In addition to residential real estate, Deira Islands will also add 4 new hotels and 2 serviced apartment buildings to Dubai’s hospitality stock. Dubai coastline is going to be extended for 40 km more due to four manmade Deira islands converting this area in the old part of Dubai into alternative tourists and social life hub.

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