Top 10 most expensive villas sold in Q2 in Dubai

Statistics revealed on the biggest villa sales transactions in Dubai in Q2.

Just after the list of the most expensive apartments sold in Q2 in the Burj Khalifa and other iconic Dubai skyscrapers was published, analytical website Reidin has concretized their statistics revealing the top-10 biggest villa sales deals conducted in Dubai in the second quarter of the year.

Villa worth nearly USD 12 million sold in the Emirates Hills area has topped the list. Actually, according to the Dubai Land Department, the buyer has paid nearly 542 US dollars for each square foot of this property.

Generally, when it comes to the villa sales in Dubai, the main competition unfolds between a golf-oriented community of Emirates Hills and the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah. This time, Emirates Hills has beaten the man-made archipelago with a 6:4 score in its favor. That's how much expensive transactions have been concluded in these Dubai areas in the second quarter of the year pro rata: six top transactions totaling USD 49.22 million were recorded for properties in the Emirates Hills, while another four deals worth USD 22,95 million in total were conducted for properties on the Palm Jumeirah in Q2.

In the Emirates Hills, an area with no direct access to the sea, but with a whole chain of interconnected artificial lakes between green lawns of golf courses, luxury-detached villas were mainly sold as plots for further development. Three of them, costing USD 8.81 million, USD 8.68 million and USD 7.59 million, respectively, took the second, the third and the fourth place of the rating.

Down the list, Emirates Hills and Palm Jumeirah competed on a rotating basis in the rating of Q2 most expensive villa sales transactions in Dubai.

The sixth and the eighth place in ranking went to Emirates Hills again. This is where buyers chose to watch the green landscape instead of the seaview, having payed USD 6.78 million and USD 5.42 million for the two villas, respectively.

The fifth, the seventh, the ninth and the tenth places went to the man-made archipelago, where sales were recorded for villas worth USD 7.32 million, USD 5.97 million, USD 4.88 million and USD 4.79 million, respectively.

And finally, the most comforting aspect was the total Q2 transactions value statistics published by DLD. It amounted to USD 30.64 billion, which indicates the strong growth and steady development of the industry.

“Dubai has achieved a high percentage of growth with the value and the number of real estate transactions, which provides reassurance about the positive development that the property market is witnessing, and proves the attractiveness of the emirate’s real estate,” DLD Director-General Sultan Butti Bin Merjen said.

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