Venice in Dubai: a new underwater development from Kleindienst Group


Almost unbelievable: VIDEO. See a real presentation of underwater villas from the developer Kleindienst Group planning to build a whole luxury underwater vessel resort. 

If these days you hadn’t a chance to visit Cityscape Global, the most mind-boggling event in the GCC real estate market, it’s not a problem: will bring you the hottest news right from the show site. And, after watching a real video-presentation of the floating-underwater villas from Kleindienst Group, you’ll also have a vivid impression of what the world's first underwater luxury vessel resort presented by the developer at Cityscape Global would look like.

The project called The Floating Venice, with a total value of AED2.5 billion (USD680 million), will be located right next to the The Floating Seahorse villas, which are nearing completion off the coast of the man-made The World archipelago, at The Heart of Europe group of islands.

Kleindienst's official statement says the underwater vessel resort will be able to accommodate over 3,000 guests daily making their stay at the comfortable luxury apartment with the breathtaking interiors really unforgettable, with restaurants and recreation areas split over four "decks", one of which will be submerged under water .

The new Dubaian "Venice" can be reached by boat, seaplane, helicopter or sea taxi.

The hotel will house 414 unique apartments on all four decks overlooking the coral reefs under the water and the picturesque Venetian gondolas above the water, which can also be used to have a relaxing ride along the winding artificial canals of the development.

Facilities at the underwater hotel will include 24 pools and 12 bars and restaurants, some of which will be situated under water, as well as the world's first underwater spa.

Guests will have a unique opportunity to admire the beauty of the 400,000 square feet coral reef planted and grown around the underwater resort.

The Floating Venice project will use the technology developed to create The Floating Seahorse villas. Constructed from a mixture of concrete for underwater sections and marine lightweight materials for the upper decks, The Floating Venice is designed to last minimum 100 years, the statement said. Construction is scheduled to begin in Q1 2018 with completion by Q4 2020.

And today you already have a one-of-kind chance to purchase a truly "royal" floating villas at the Tzar edition floating seahorse villas project available for sale. These are homes with underwater bedroom and a view of a coral reef, two decks-floors and an outdoor jacuzzi on the main deck. Prices for floating villas start at AED10 million, with a guaranteed ROI of 8 per cent during first 5 to 10 years. Mind also, that only one of 130 villa buyers around the world can become an owner of one of these villas (with the help of IMEX Real Estate). And here is how one of the ready-made Floating Seahorse villas looks like:

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