Villas put up for sale on the Dubai’s The World islands

The developer of the Sweden Island in The World artificial archipelago in Dubai plans to start selling villas.

Luxury villas on the Sweden Island, which is part of The World manmade archipelago in Dubai, will be available for sale this week – developer’s representatives told the press.

The initial presentation of luxury villas, with price starting at US $ 15 million and interior furnishings made by Bentley Home, an interior and design division of the most fashionable and exclusive car brand, will be held on Wednesday at Burj Al Arab.

Sweden Island, where villas will be constructed, is part of the islands cluster known under the common name of Heart of Europe, developed by Kleindienst Group as the general constructor. The villas will be fully consistent with all luxury standards, including extravagant decoration and a minimum of 1,960 square meters in-built area. It is planned to complete the construction of these villas in the last quarter of 2016.

Earlier this year, Heart of Europe developer Kleindienst Group surprised the world real estate market with the intention to implement a project of the world's first 42 floating villas at The World archipelago. These amazing housing units will be something between actually a house and a submarine, one or two floors of which are expected to be placed under water, where the inhabitants will be able to enjoy a view of the underwater life and the coral reef. The project was called The Floating Seahorse and attracted great interest of potential investors from many countries.

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