Waterworld: Dubai’s turning into a new futuristic city

New type of sustainable eco-friendly  floating homes to be presented at Cityscape Global in Dubai.

Dubai’s main natural resources are not oil, but the sea, and the sun shining 365 days a year. This is what the New Living on Water houses (NLW) project’s creators have decided to bet on when designing new, super-futuristic floating homes for Dubai.

Not long after Dubai’s residents and potential property investors have recovered from legendary offer of the Seahorse floating villas in The World manmade archipelago, they faced a new everyday Dubai’s miracle. NLW plans to present its project of ‘organic-shaped’ capsule homes at the 15th annual real estate exhibition Cityscape Global, the main event in the real estate domain in the UAE and the region, which will be held in Dubai from 6 to 8 September.

And the project’s developer is so confident in its popularity among buyers that hopes to gain up to USD 50 million from the regional sales in the next 12 months, and to at least double this profit up to the 2017-2018 years. Thus, Dubai is on track to firmly establish its" future city" status with everything that comes together with the concept.

New Living on Water project’s homes are designed in a form of capsules developed using shipbuilding technologies, knowledge of residential architecture and renewable energy saving technologies together. This is exactly the type of housing science fiction writers dreamed of in the past. These floating homes can be put on water in any part of the world ocean suitable for this purpose, and Dubai is just perfect for their ‘docking’ here for good.

"Our newly developed floating residences guarantee both the privacy and nature that people are looking for, as well as the comfort of being part of a six-star super luxury beachfront resort," says NLW's managing director and co-owner, Menno de Roos.

NLW floating homes will have several floors: the lower part of the "bottom" will be protected by the double floor, and the central "deck" will accommodate up to four bedrooms, with a living room situated on the top floor of the structure. Curved sanded, polished and nautical coated steel roof will protect the home from the vicissitudes of living on water. The residences will be accessible by boat or could be linked to the land with a floating jetty. The idea of ​​ yacht-living is not new for millionaires, but this type of home aka floating boat will have much more living space and all the amenities of a real home, together with sustainable and renewable energy saving technologies provided in its core and a "six-star" status of elite luxury dwelling, according to the developer.

However, this project is still being developed, on the contrary to ready-made luxury villas on solid ground of Palm Jumeirah artificial islands already waiting for their new owners. Almost the entire Palm archipelago is built-over with five star high-end units. IMEX Real Estate can offer you a lot of homes on Palm Jumeirah to choose — from small beach townhouses to luxury palaces and mansions. And in order to make a better idea of this property category, check out our best luxury villas on Palm Jumeirah for sale.

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