Where Dubai rents are the cheapest?

Analysts have compared rentals in all residential communities of Dubai and defined leaders offering the cheapest rental deals in the city.

Dubailand, Dubai Silicon Oasis and International Media and Production Zone (IMPZ) were named the three most affordable for tenants Dubai residential areas.

However, experts warn that the official rental index published by RERA can mislead tenants, and remind that index rental caps protect only existing tenants, and in other cases the landlords dictate the rents.

Nevertheless, market prices allow analysts to draw conclusions about the average asking rents in Dubai. According to these data, such Dubailand residential communities like SkyCourts, Remraam and Arjan can be called the most competitive in the rental market in terms of affordability of apartment rentals. Real asking rentals there are still higher than the rental index by RERA, therefore a studio in SkyCourts is leased at a price of USD 10,350 pa, and the same apartment in Remraam will cost its tenant USD 10,890 pa, and the cheapest studio in Arjan costs about USD 12,250 pa.

Another new and dynamic area of International Media and Production Zone (IMPZ) also offers quite reasonable apartment rentals of about USD 10890 for a studio pa, which, however, is USD 2,720 higher than the official rental index says.

And finally, the third winner in the nomination "the cheapest rentals in Dubai," Dubai Silicon Oasis offers tenants a choice of studios from USD 10,890 pa and one-bedroom apartments from USD 15,000 pa.

Thus, although the actual asking price almost everywhere in Dubai is higher than the officially put by RERA through its rental index, it is still possible to find affordable rental options in Dubai.

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