World's first rotating tower may soon rise in Dubai

World's first rotating tower may soon rise in Dubai

The project of the unique 4D Dynamic Tower revived in the emirate.

Dubai keeps collecting all amazing world records and the best innovative ideas in the world of architecture and design. After a long nine years, when the project of the world's first rotating tower was introduced in 2008, Dubai authorities have decided to revive it and bring it to handover.

In the meantime, constructing technologies went far beyond making this unique project easier to implement. Dynamic Architecture, the world's only company specializing in creating kinetic buildings, will be responsible for resolving this ambitious task. As a result, the emirate will get the world's first 4D tower 420 meters in height and with a total floor area of​​ around 1.2 million square feet constructed in the area of ​​Sheikh Zayed Road.

Once complete, Dynamic Tower will constantly change its appearance, for each unit in the building will rotate independently, with its own speed and even in accordance with tenants' preferences as for the view, thus allowing residents of the skyscraper to participate in the permanent transformation of this architectural marvel. Given these features, the 80-storey skyscraper, designed by world-renown architect David Fisher, will be similar to the modern conceptual dynamic sculptures.

Besides, the building will be completely energetically self-sufficient due to wind turbines mounted horizontally between the floors, and solar panels on the rooftop.

As for the tower’s future use, the developer initially planned to open a hote with some serviced apartments are available for purchase at a price of USD 30 million, while the tower’s construction cost amounts to USD 3 billion. But, being more specific, Dynamic Architecture said it will convert the tower into a sort of a ‘Wellness Experience’ instead of a ‘hotel’, in line with today’s market needs.

When asked about the number of stars this facility could probably get, the developer said: "How many stars? This hotel will be beyond stars.”

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