The Sustainable City

Development guide

Sustainable City is a brand new residential area occupying ​​46 hectares in Dubailand, on the Al Qudra Road, about 20 minutes’ drive from Al Maktoum International Airport.

500 ultra-up-to-date villas are completed here, with 2,700 residents sharing the utmost progressive ideas in the theory of social, economic and environmental sustainability in the urban environment.

Sustainable City is Dubai's first operational NET ZERO ENERGY area, which also can be called the world’s first real scale "future city" model with only electric (and maybe soon also flying) vehicles and buggies moving around the streets dipped in lush greenery, while the whole environment provides maximum comfort for work, education, recreation and living.

Sustainable City is surrounded by a 30-meter wide green buffer zone made of 2,500 trees of three height levels (up to 10 meters), which helps to reduce air pollution and noise, creating a clean and comfortable ecological habitat. An external "fence" of trees eliminates noise and catches dust, the inner circle shades the cycling path, and the last circle consisting of the date palms is a part of the area’s inner landscape integrated in its ecosystem. Together, the trees in the buffer zone provide an even distribution of oxygen in the atmosphere while reducing noise and decreasing heat.

Cycling paths and bridle paths, a five-kilometre rubberized jogging track — all this encourages to an active lifestyle and outdoor sports.

There is also a huge bio-farm irrigated with recycled greywater collected from the villas and treated in an underground treatment facility, and also an equestrian club, lakes and streams and green shady alleys for walks.


Sustainbale City consists of five residential clusters with a total of 500 villas. Each cluster is connected to the Central Green Spine ecosystem, which covers the whole area, and includes 90 Courtyard villas, eight Garden villas and two Signature villas. Clusters are named after the subspecies of the date palms: Lulu, Berhi, Hilali, Jabri and Khalas. L-shaped two-storey villas combine all the advantages of ergonomics with a modern design that meets the highest environmental standards. On the upper floors there are spacious terraces, most of which are shaded by solar panels on the rooftops.

Courtyard Villas range in floor size from 312 sq.m. (3,362sq ft) to 357sq m (3,850sq ft), including comfortable staff accommodation. Garden Villas measure 477sq m (5,140sq ft) and Signature Villas measure 743sq m (8,000 sq ft).

All villas are fitted with Star-rated energy appliances and LED lighting throughout and the gardens are ready landscaped.

Residential clusters are car-free zones, so the Courtyard Villas can only be accessed by foot or by electric buggies, through narrow shaded streets ('sikkas') that merge the entire area space in one. This scheme allows to significantly reduce the level of noise and pollution, while providing a completely safe environment for children.

According to the concept of creating a cozy family atmosphere inside Sustainable City, four amenity plazas with one central plaza are arranged in each residential cluster in order to maximize the outdoor space.


In Sustainable City, shady car parks for electrical vehicles are located throughout the area, and each villa has two parking spaces with solar panels, plus additional space for common electric buggies. The distance from the parking to each villa is about 10-85 meters. By the way, all electricity for electrical vehicles, buggies and villas needs in the area is absolutely free.


A 15,000-sq.m-mixed-use complex Sustainable Plaza is located at the very entrance to the district. It consists of five four-storey blocks with shops, restaurants, cafes, offices and apartments for rent ranging from studios to one- and two-beds. Retail units are located on the periphery of the open central square. Besides, there is a wide range of medical, rehabilitation, educational institutions in Sustainable City that focus on conscious use of resources, sustainability, and environmental responsibility.

There is also an innovative center for ultra-up-to-date "smart" technologies further development and raising awareness about them. Diamond Innovation Center combines the functions of a scientific, educational center, a congress hall, an exhibition hall with an amphitheater for 700 people and an open space for communication.

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