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Our pros team continually analyzes the state of the real estate market in search of the most favorable and high-yield investments. We know where to buy a house or an apartment with the best location and views, offices and shops for all year round renting with high rental income etc.

Rent Package provides a stable investment in Dubai apartments, studios and apartments, bringing year-round income. Ready-made properties or chic furnished apartments, with all the amenities usual to a modern residential complex; or an office, a retail space — this is what Rent investment portfolio has to offer.

This basic, conservative investment package will allow you to receive a stable income from the most sought-after real estate available on the market.

Liqudity 10% - 14%
Investments from 130.000 $
Start of income in 3 months
Validity 1 year
Agreement With the management company
Control The agent
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Guaranteed Package is a stable investment in luxury serviced hotel apartments in Dubai. In this package, only hospitality units are involved, the demand for which is formed by travel agencies and private tourists from around the world.

from 8% per annum in USD
Investments from 250.000 $
Start of income In 1 month
Validity 3 - 5 years
Agreement With the management company
Control The management company
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This highly liquid investment offer includes ivesting in Dubai’s off-plan residential/commercial property at the initial stage of construction (at the pit stage), as well as investing in ready-made secondary market projects, the so-called "hot offers". Investment opportunities for this type of investment start at USD 100,000.

Speculative investment package has the highest liquidity (taking into account the risk and terms), while net income will be formed by the difference between the originally invested funds and the unit’s market value by the time of its resale (up to 15% per annum).

from 15 % per annum in USD
Investments from 100.000 $
Start of income In 24 months
Validity 24 - 36 months
Agreement With the builder
Control The agent
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Million Plus Investment Package includes whole buildings, hotels, building plots with a value starting from 1.000.000 USD.

A lot of three-to four-star hotels, business centers and residential buildings are offered for sale in Dubai. These are usually already finished projects or those still under construction at different stages of completion. We are talking about 30, 50, 75 million USD investments which can provide the highest liquidity at the market.

from 8% per annum in USD
Investments from 1.000.000 $
Start of income Individually
Validity Individually
Agreement Individually
Control Individually
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Why Dubai?
Investments in Dubai are different from that in other countries of the world, for when investing here, you can be sure, firstly, of the political and economic stability, secondly, of investments’ rapid growth due to the constant increase in property prices and rental rates, and of many other things.
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Why US?
IMEX Real Estate traces its history back to 1995. And at the UAE real estate market we've been since 2004. Now the company's head office is registered and situated in Dubai. We also have our own fully functional office in Moscow, so that we could always be closer to customers. IMEX Real Estate is a permanent participant in the international real estate and investment exhibitions held in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. Every year we participate in more than 15 thematic exhibitions.
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