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Downtown Dubai is at the heart of Dubai, boasting the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa. An architectural and engineering masterpiece, the tower offers uber-luxury residential, office and retail spaces.

Emaar’s flagship project, Downtown Dubai is a mixed-use complex that is situated along Sheikh Zayed Road. Spanning two square kilometres, it is also home to the emirate’s most famed attractions, including the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain and the Burj Khalifa. Other features in the area include the Souq Al Bahar, Emaar Boulevard and the commercial centre -- Emaar Square, home to global financial institutions.

When it comes to living options in Downtown, it’s all about the apartments – whether it be skyscrapers or rustic 4-storey buildings that make up most of the Old Town. Many of the low-rise towers adopt an Arabesque style, some that even come with gardens. One of the perks of living in the area (aside from being a quick walk away from the world’s largest shopping mall) are the paved walkways and the community feel. 

Undoubtedly, those interested in Downtown living will have to be ready to shell out more cash, but if you’re looking to live in the heart of the city, this is definitely the place for you.

No. of bedrooms Average price, AED Average rent per year, AED Average service charges, AED Approximate annual net rental income
Total Per ft2 Total Per ft2 Total Per ft2 AED %
Downtown Burj Dubai
1BR (860 ft2) 1,350,000- 1,800,000 1,570- 2,090 90,000- 130,000 100- 150 15,460 18 74,540- 114,540 5-7
2BR (1240 ft2) 1,900,000- 2,800,000 1,530- 2,260 130,000- 170,000 100- 140 21,870 18 108,130- 148,130 5-7
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