700 Nakheel homes stay unclaimed

Hundreds of completed homes in Dubai are laying empty as the buyers who placed deposits on them years ago have not come forward.

Nakheel CEO Sanjay Manchanda has revealed that out of 9,000 homes built by the developer in Dubai across various projects, 700 of them remain unclaimed.

“As we speak today, 8,300 have been delivered, keys handed over (but) the remaining 700, we are still looking for the customers,” Manchanda said.

Speaking at a recent entrepreneur session at Impact Hub in Dubai, Manchanda said: “We are finding it difficult to establish contact [with customers]. This could be for various reasons”.

“Maybe the person has left the country, or due to natural causes such as a death?”

“Or maybe they just paid 10 per cent (deposit) and it’s not a major amount for them and they have forgotten about it? Or they have changed their contact information?”

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