A heart-shaped island in Dubai to welcome honeymooners

A new type of Arab-styled homes to be added to the floating villas family in The World project in Dubai, and Saint-Petersburg heart-shaped island is going to welcome just married couples.

Kleindienst Group has launched The Signature Edition, a new version of the already globally well-known 'Floating Seahorse' drifting villas on The World man-made archipelago in Dubai. And for another island of the group, located in The Heart of Europe part of the archipelago, the developer has already found the appropriate applicability. Saint-Petersburg heart-shaped island is going to become the best location for your honeymoon destination in Dubai.

St. Petersburg Island located in the ‘Heart of Europe’ part of the archipelago, according to developer’s idea, is going to become the main Dubai’s attraction for the honeymooners. With its convenient location, 20 minutes by yacht from the coast of Dubai, the island is expected to become popular with those wishing to spend their honeymoon in the most exceptional way. Besides the yacht, the island also can be reached by helicopter or a seaplane. Honeymooners will be met by a personal house-steward, showed down one of the underwater ‘Seahorse Villas’ and provided with a 24|7 room service.

But when visiting The World on your honeymoon vacation, you might probably want to take a closer look at the other options of the same exotic villas here, just in case, for future. A newly designed exclusive project of the floating villas The Signature Edition is meant for large families with children, a large number of visitors and residents. Each villa will have four flexi-living/ sleeping areas, accommodating up to eight adults and eight children. Each unit can also be customized to ensure privacy by enclosing the outdoor areas on the two oversea levels, turning them, by desire, into cozy closed climate-controlled living areas, or into open summer terraces.

A total 4001 sq f floor area of ​​each of The Signature Edition villas will be much bigger than that of the original project villas, and the underwater level will house master’s bedroom and two "coral" rooms with a view of your own, carefully cultivated "coral garden" with all its marine inhabitants.

The entire process of villas construction — designing, engineering and building — takes place here, in the UAE. Here 40 Signature Edition villas will be built and ‘set afloat’ off the coast of the Heart of Europe project. The price of each of these unique villas is set for AED 12 million, and the first water homes are set for completion in October.

Real estate investors from around the world, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Seychelles, Sweden, Portugal and Norway have already showed great interest in this project. Villas will be used mainly for the tourism industry, like that of the Saint-Petersburg heart-shaped island, while owners will be able to live in them for two or more weeks a year.

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