Bluewaters Island development presentation held on a new bridge opposite JBR in Dubai


Jumeirah Beach Residence attracts investors and home buyers from all around the world.

One of the most luxurious areas of Dubai, the vibrant waterfront living destination of ​​Jumeirah Beach Residence receives final touches to its impeccable image. The construction of a bridge connecting it to the Bluewaters Island was completed recently, with an exclusive presentation of the Bluewaters Island project held on a newly opened bridge for selected potential investors interested in investing funds in this luxury oasis in Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach Residence, together with the Bluewaters Island situated just off its coast opposite The Beach, is a modern, family-oriented destination with a pioneering spirit that blends waterfront living with the exhilaration of urban city life. The Island is about to soon host the world's tallest 210 meters high Ferris wheel having recently received its official name of Ain Dubai. This attraction combined with a number of other entertainment and shopping destinations in JBR will transform the area into a real magnet for tourists: it is expected that the island alone is to welcome up to 3 million visitors a year.

But it’s not just the island, but, more so, JBR area itself is the one attracting maximum attention of potential investors in high-yielding Dubai property. Choosing an apartment in one of six luxury JBR residential blocks, such as BaharShams or Sadaf as an investment asset, you can get one of the highest ROI in Dubai amounting up to 10 per cent annually.

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Most of residential blocks in JBR, in which IMEX Real Estate can offer you apartments for sale, are located near the The Walk, the main local promenade and shopping district. The majority of units overlook the Arabian Gulf, while one of the best beaches in Dubai is located within short walking distance. All apartments are spacious enough and usually equipped with a kitchen and furnished in style, with balconies offering magnificent views of the marina.

Residents of the Bahar, Shams and Sadaf developments can use outdoor swimming pools, common recreational areas, gyms and other amenities. A trip to Dubai Marina Mall from here will take no more than 3 minutes, while a 30-minute car drive will take you to Dubai International Airport.

Besides, JBR also has another investment advantage of naturally rising property prices. The reason is that the area is almost fully developed: the last undeveloped land plot was recently taken by Dubai Properties to build a super-premium and one of the most expensive world’s towers, a 46-storey 1/JBR skyscraper. Its construction will cost USD 272 million (AED 1 billion). And apartments in this building sold out already at the project design stage took almost all top lines in the list of most expensive Dubai property transactions recorded in 2016.

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