Burj Khalifa height record to be broken by Dubai’s new tallest tower

Emaar revealed details of its record-breaking The Tower project in Dubai Creek.

Dubai won’t give up its leadership in hosting the world’s highest buildings. After setting the bar with the current world’s tallest building, the 828-meter Burj Khalifa the emirate aims to surpass this milestone. Emaar has officially presented its new project of the world's tallest building, named simply The Tower because of its uniqueness.

imexre.com has already mentioned about the project aiming to overshadow (both literally and figuratively) even the Eiffel Tower, but details of this new impressive project by Emaar came up just recently. The exact height of The Tower spire rushing into Dubai’s sky hasn’t yet been disclosed, but the building is about to compete with 1000-meter Kingdom Tower under construction in Saudi Arabia and said to be the new world’s highest.

The Tower's design was inspired by traditional Islamic minarets, as well as a lily bud. The two neighboring towers of the Dubai Creek Harbour development resembling flower petals will add it to The Tower’s flower-ispired design. Santiago Calatrava Valls, world-renowned genius of architecture of futurism, was chosen as the architect for the project. This Spanish designer and architect is an author of many modern iconic world’s projects made in bio-tech aesthetics, including the Olympic Sports Complex in Athens, Montjuic TV Tower in Barcelona, ​​The Spire Tower in Chicago and many others.

The Tower’s VIP 360 degrees observation deck 'The Pinnacle Room' with landscaping meant to recreate the “splendour of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon” is going to turn the tower into a magnet for, as well as its fully glazed balconies that extend outward rotating outside of the spire.

As for real estate properties, residential units for sale aren’t planned in the tower. It will only have a boutique hotel for VIP-visitors. But imexre.com is always there for you to help you choose a property for sale or rent in Dubai Creek Harbour development, where this marvel of modern architecture will be built. A whole new​​ 6 sq km city twice a size of Downtown Dubai with residential apartments, townhouses and villas will be built here, near the picturesque Ras Al Khor National Wildlife Sanctuary, protected under the UNESCO Ramsar Convention. 

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