Designing the world's tallest commercial tower: Burj 2020

Within a few weeks time, we will get more information about Burj 2020, the world's tallest commercial tower that's being developed in Dubai. The design and identity of the architectural firm for the world’s tallest all-commercial tower in the making — Burj 2020 — could be confirmed in a matter of weeks, Gulf News reported.
“The competition (for submission of bids) is about to close and only then will details such as the final height would revealed,” said Krysta Fox, director at DMCC Free Zone, which will be the master-developer of the tower as well as the Burj 2020 District of which it will be the focal point.
The district itself will take up a massive 107,000 square metres and open up a substantial new supply of office stock over the medium term.
Among the existing tallest office towers, Tokyo Skytree, completed in 2010, takes pride of place at 634 metres high. It cost more than $800 million to build. It is followed by Taipei 101, at 509 metres high.

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