Dubai developer wasl to rejuvenate Karama

Dubai developer wasl properties announced the completion of a 170,000 sq ft wasl hub project.

Affordable rents from wasl properties developer are about to fill in the market gap with a new batch of apartments for rent in Karama district of Dubai.

New ​​170,000 sq ft residential and commercial complex is expected to breathe new life in the Karama district with a large number of commercial establishments, 70 shops, 32 restaurants and cafes to open here in the near future. Overall, about 60,000 sq f will be given to retail space in the wasl hub.

Residential properties offered for lease are also of great interest for tenants searching for affordable options. Of the 312 one, two and three bedroom apartments 57 first stage units will be put up for lease in wasl hub soon, can reveal. Additionally, the residential complex also comes with all usual facilities available for residents on the territory, including a swimming pool, children’s playgrounds and indoor gyms.

As already reported in January, Karama district revival program also includes a wasl Duet residential and commercial project from the same developer. It is a complex of two mixed-use buildings with 5,500 retail zone. Today, the developer started leasing second phase building and offers 21 one-bedroom apartments and 30 two-bedroom apartments for rent in wasl Duet.

Zainab Mohammed, chief property management and marketing officer at wasl properties, said: "A significant percentage of inquiries we receive are related to residential and commercial space in established areas such as Al Karama and Muhaisnah. wasl properties has garnered an excellent response from its initiative to provide quality, well designed residential communities in Dubai."

Since 2008, wasl properties has built 607 residential units in nine mix-use developments in Dubai's Karama with eight more real estate projects scheduled for completion before 2018 .

To date, according to the developer, Karama district is in great demand among Dubai real estate buyers and tenants, mainly due to its proximity to the central areas of the city, easy access via the RTA metro and high population density. Now, after the modernization and upgrade to the high standards of a dynamic, modern urban area, Karama will enjoy even greater demand, the developer believes.

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