Dubai Investments Park attracts investors

DIP commercial property tenants invested USD 50 billion in the Dubai’s economy.

Dubai's commercial real estate sector’s booming: 100 new companies have registered in ​​Dubai Investments Park throughout a year, thus increasing the overall tenant tally here up to 4600.

Dubai Investments Park is a vast territory occupied mostly by ​​industrial facilities and warehouses with total area of ​​2,300 hectares, where almost 95% of industrial zone is occupied by tenants, who expect to benefit from the close proximity to the World Expo 2020 site.

More than 550 hectares in the industrial park is given to ready-made facilities to accommode all sorts of businesses in infrastructure, industry and trade. No-taxes policy makes doing business in Dubai highly profitable, thus far-sighted entrepreneurs have prepared in advance getting themselves not only offices, but also warehouses and industrial sites rented in the the close proximity to Expo 2020.

In addition to commercial and industrial property, there are several residential areas in Dubai Investments Park: 90,000 residents occupy more than 12,000 residential units here. There is also 20 million square feet of office space and five hotels. Eight new hotels and serviced apartments are in the advanced planning and implementation stages.

Thus, Dubai Investments Park is an area, where you can comfortably live and work. IMEX Real Estate experts will gladly provide you with information about a variety of real estate options, whether it be a land plot, a warehouse or an apartment for rent in the Dubai Investments Park, or in any other Dubai area, for example, it could be a ready-made restaurant in the heart of Dubai, overlooking Burj Khalifa and the Dubai channel, or a ready spa for just USD 136,150 per year. The choice is yours.

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