Dubai is getting more comfortable to live in

New infrastructure projects by Dubai Municipality to improve the quality of life in Dubai.

Dubai Municipality representatives made an official statement, which says that by the end of the next year a number of new projects aimed at improving the quality of life for all residents of the city will be implemented in Dubai.

This refers to the projects that will not only attract new tourists to Dubai, but will make life in the city more comfortable and interesting, like the project of construction of Dubai Safari Park worth US $ 81,4 million, or the fish market, as well as the implementation of the already legendary Dubai Frame project, a giant ‘frame’-shaped building, which will house a museum of history of Dubai in it.

The Dubai Municipality initiative to transform the whole image of modern Dubai includes plans to implement 68 infrastructure projects worth US $ 1,23 billion, which are currently in various stages of planning and implementation. Redesign and renovation of several parks in the heart of Dubai with the purpose of increasing green spaces, and the creation of exotic ethnic African village — these are only some of the projects to be implemented in the coming years. It is planned to complete 10 of the abovementioned projects by the end of the 2015, of which were already mentioned the fish market, being prepared for the opening in September, and Dubai Frame — this project will be completed by the UAE National Day in December. In addition a big market of used furniture and a new zoo will open in Dubai before the year end, and the following year municipality plans to complete nine more projects, including Zayed University and Al Thuraya Astronomical Center.

Also, Municipality plans to spend almost US $ 21 million on the transformation of nine parks, including Quran Park and Palm Park.

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