Dubai’s first sustainable city welcomes its inhabitants

First homes handed over in a new-type residential community The Sustainable City in Dubai.

Dubai’s first fully integrated sustainable residential community The Sustainable City welcomed its first residents recently.

This resource-saving and environmentally friendly residential community was launched back in 2014 with the active support of Dubai Land Department consistently implementing the strategy of modern resource-saving technologies in the emirate.

The complex includes five residential clusters with pedestrianised streets and private houses grouped around a central wind tower. Parking plots in the community are shaded with solar panels generating electricity. 11 ‘biodome’ greenhouses for growing organic products are also to be constructed as part of the project’s first phase.

The Sustainable City covering almost 5 millions square feet is the perfect choice for those property buyers and tenants who want to live in a dynamic developing metropolis, but at the same time in a perfect healthy and eco-friendly environment. The Sustainable City real estate offers also attract buyers’ attention due to their revenue-sharing scheme's net zero service fees.

The Sustainable City is a region’s and UAE’s first pilot project of a net zero energy residential urban community that will take Dubai closer to its sustainable future. “The successful opening of the city to residents has set a new benchmark for other developers to follow," said Faris Saeed, CEO Diamond Developers.

It is expected that more residents will come to the city by April 2016, when a community center, playgrounds, running tracks and a new equestrian center will open here.

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