Dubai’s Jumeirah district to face grand transformation

Instead of the Mall of the World mega-development a ‘future city’ with aerial gondolas, named Jumeirah Central will be built along Sheikh Zayed Road.

The fate of the mega-scale project Mall of the World is solved now, but not definitely. It’s been decided to replace it with the other, but no less ambitious mixed-use mega-project — Jumeirah Central. And Mall of the World, along with theme parks planned around it, will be given another location, however, it is not yet known, where exactly.

Much more interesting is that, which will replace Mall of the World on its site. It will be not just a shopping center and a theme park. It will be a half open, half covered "city within a city" with a total area of 47 million square feet and a cost of about USD 20 billion.

83.6 hectares in Jumeirah Central complex will be given to the indoor retail space, and another 42 hectares will be taken by an open walking space and retail outlets. In addition, 44,000 parking spaces and 7,200 hotel rooms (the largest number of hotel rooms located in the same district), together with 3,000 residential apartments are planned to be completed there.

According to the vision of Dubai's Ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who have inspected the design project of a "future city" the day before, it will be a futuristic paradise, where everything is done for the comfort of the residents and visitors of the city, while modern urban infrastructure will be created using the latest technologies and in neo-futuristic style. Smart modern transportation system will include multi-modal transport network, environmentally-friendly transport options and aerial gondolas.

Among other modern innovations there will be almost nine million sq.ft of retail space including three malls and 1 million sq ft of climate-controlled arcades and galleries for a comfortable stay and residence of 35,000 inhabitants and nearly 100,000 annual visitors to Jumeirah Central. A comprehensive cycling network will span over 33 parks and open spaces connecting all the main spots in the area and beyond.

Sheikh Mohammed said: "As our vision for future cities evolves, Dubai will continue to set the benchmark for city development across the globe. Jumeirah Central is a clear milestone in our journey towards building the city of the future and the creation of engaged and happy communities.

"We will not stop investing in our economy, and these projects are tools to expedite that journey of growth. We are confident in the strength of our economy and are optimistic for the future of our nation. To that end, our vision will continuously evolve and expand."

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