Dubai’s Viceroy Palm Jumeirah to open in March

Another major real estate project on the Dubai’s Palm island is complete and ready to open.

Residential and hospitality project Viceroy Palm Jumeirah is welcoming its first residents already moving in in the run-up to its official opening in March 2017. SKAI Holdings, the developer behind the project has confirmed Viceroy Palm Jumeirah will be handed over ahead of schedule.

It seems that neither the developer, nor seven sponsoring banks, which SKAI Holdings had turned to in order to raise funding for a USD 1.17 billion (AED 4.3 billion) project, expected such a real estate sales success making the complex early delivering possible.

However, this success is not surprising, for Viceroy Palm Jumeirah offers exactly the type of property most demanded currently in Dubai. Amphitheater-shaped Viceroy complex is located in the most prestigious emirate’s area — on the ‘trunk’ of Palm Jumeirah man-made island, while its scale allows it to give another hotel brands on the island a run for their money.

Viceroy Palm Jumeirah includes hospitality component (477 rooms) and residential component (221 apartments) in two parts of a single building located symmetrically and connected via central part with an archway in the middle. The development’s unique design with the building’s floors descending down towards the sea as in amphitheater sets the tone for the complex whole style and theatrical spirit, with the staff being trained by pro theatrical troupe to improve their service spontaneity.

Viceroy hospitality part General Manager Mikael Svensson explained, why location on the edge of the Palm Jumeirah’s trunk is convenient, and why having a hotel in the same building with residential units is a the best decision for residents. The fact is, that traffic pressure at the entrance to the island is growing every year, thus the closer to the island’s entry the complex is situated, the sooner you can get from here to the center of Dubai. It only takes 3-4 minutes to get from here to the Sheikh Zayed Road in regular hours, or maximum 12 minutes at peak hours.

Thus, Viceroy Palm Jumeirah is a traditional beachfront resort, but with an urban feel and a great connectivity. And both, Viceroy Palm Jumeirah Hotel will provide apartment residents with services not accessible in a usual residential community. They include free access to 10 unique restaurants, three pools, an international spa center, a gym, as well as a beach club, not to mention the five-star hotel services. And what even more important is that you won’t have to pay increased maintenance fees: the management company subsidizes residents their use of additional amenities and will charge only USD0.55 per square feet during the period of the first five years and no more than USD0.82 per square feet for the next five years.

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