Dubai South will help transform Dubai into a ‘city of happiness’

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Last week, the industry’s most important event, Cityscape Global Real Estate Exhibition brought together thousands pf participants and guests from all around the world. The success of the event and, most importantly, the scale of a reliably-based new projects presented there allow Dubai to earn a guarantee of successful further development for the years to come.

As previously reported, now is the most perfectly scheduled time to invest in Dubai real estate. This assumption is confirmed by statistics, it is confirmed by analysts, and, eventually, it is confirmed by Cityscape Global results. Of all the projects presented at the exhibition, haven’t reported, perhaps, only of the Dubai South project, only because much was known about it in advance. It will be a city within a city with an area of ​​145 square kilometers, located around Al Maktoum International Airport, thus presenting another mega-scale project, shaping the future of Dubai.

The entire complex will be able to accommodate up to one million inhabitants upon completion in 2021, and the start to this mega-development was given by a two flagship residential communities The Villages and The Pulse, which Dubai South developer have presented at the exhibition. However, the construction time or the number of inhabitants is not the main thing about it. The main thing is that this project will become a part of a citywide experiment on the implementation of new principles in urban planning targeted at nothing less than happiness for all people living in Dubai.

Yes, Dubai took upon the ambitious task to approach the highest standards of the world’s most comfortable and the 'happiest' city to live in. After all, the mindless piling up more and more of the same faceless residential complexes does not solve the problems of modern urban dwellers lacking space and opportunities for quality recreation and leisure.

We all suffer from lack of walkable spaces, environment degradation due to excessive traffic, noise pollution, cramped parking facilities and difficulty of access in our native cities. That’s why Dubai is taking a chance to become different. The emirate’s authorities have even assigned Dubai Plan 2021 to primarily focus on happiness and well-being of its people, with the aim of providing solutions for everyday living.

But the desire to live in the best city ever built is rather strong in all the world’s far-sighted investors, thus making the supply available shorten year-on-year, and prices go higher year-on-year.

Danube Properties Chief, Rizwan Sajan commented on the Dubai’s future: “Today, because it's at the bottom of prices, it's a buyers' market. One should look around for deals and go and invest in Dubai property, because I'm not sure whether you'll get the same property next year or after that. You don't have to buy only from Danube, go and buy anywhere, but invest in Dubai. At the moment it's a very good time to buy a property. I always believe that Dubai is a very small country and it's going to be full very fast. When it starts filling, you will not be able to buy a property.”

What to buy and when — is your decision. But IMEX Real Estate is always here for you to guide your search in the right direction, to help you make it all about the prices and latest trends, housing types and city areas, to provide you with the latest statistics and legal support services, just to name a few of our services. Start making your plans come true with professional help provided by IMEX Real Estate.

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