Dubai World Central renamed

Dubai's area Dubai World Central went through re-branding, having received a new name of Dubai South.

These days Dubai World Central, which actually is a whole city within a city, adjacent to one of the world’s largest airports Al Maktoum International Airport, does not leave news pages. Therefore, the decision of the Dubai authorities to give it a new, more appropriate for such a large residential community name seems quite natural, because the old did not fully reflect its essence.

The name of Dubai World Central traditionally is more fitting for train stations and airports, while the district itself today is much more than just a cluster of residential buildings for aviation workers around the airport. Now the project launched in 2006 under the patronage of the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum embodies emirate government’s idea of the modern urban area with all necessary facilities, in line with its vision of Dubai 2021.

Speaking at a ceremony of renaming, Sheikh Al Maktoum said that the new name Dubai South will be recognizable and will give a new impetus for further district’s development. However, the main concern of any social urban development in Dubai is care for its residents in the first place, to which all the infrastructure created here is dedicated. According to Sheikh Al Maktoum, Dubai South will be the flagship project of the new Dubai Plan 2021 strategy and will set the main quality criteria for the rest of the real estate projects, implemented in the emirate.

Dubai South, which has a total area of 145 square kilometers, is being actively built up today, so that before 2021 it could accommodate about two million population, and up to a million employees in various industries.

Among the new housing properties and mixed use developments, which are already being built here there is MAG 5 Boulevard project with plenty of new multi-storey apartment buildings, as well as villas and infrastructure buildings, and in next years one of the world’s largest professional golf courses by Emaar surrounded by upscale residential area will be added to them.

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