How to choose the best apartment in the complex? Take the upper floors!

Core consultancy's experts revealed: upper floors of buildings in Dubai command 20-30 per cent plus to the real estate unit’s price and both to your health.

If you want to get the maximum of your property investments in Dubai real estate, and have already taken into account all other factors, the main of which is still the location, you should not lose sight of another important factor — the floor on which an apartment or an office is situated. In cities like Dubai, with beautiful skyline window views, where Dubai Marina and Business Bay towers offer amazing views of the modern architecture iconic wonders, and both of the sea, higher storeys become an important advantage, Core Savills research company experts have found out recently.

Both in the rental sector, and in the sales segment apartments, studios and offices at the upper floors are always sold and leased 20-30 per cent higher than the lower floors. No wonder that penthouses, as the highest-end units at the high-end luxury property market, always occupy the last and the highest floors in Dubai's skyscrapers.

The world's leading scientists have long found that health benefits from living at a high floor (especially in Dubai’s megatall towers) are akin to the benefits of living in the mountains. Researchers from the Swiss Institute of Bern found that, mostly due to the clearer air, people’s lives expectancy is 22 percent longer, if they live above the 8th floor, compared to those living below. These data are based on the results of an eight-year study of 1.5 million people in Switzerland. And considering that Dubai also possesses benign maritime climate, the choice is obvious. Therefore, buying an apartment in one of Dubai’s skyscrapers not only helps protecting your investments, but also helps protecting your health.

Occupancy levels in central residential areas in the heart of Dubai are nearly 90 per cent in top performing towers, and the prime rental market has remained relatively steady due to the continued demand from expatriates, as noted by Core experts. Yet, there are still enough available property for sale in these areas, thus choosing the floor won’t be a problem, for Dubai has the highest concentration of skyscrapers, including the Burj Khalifa, according to EC Harris.

These are such buildings like Princess Tower, the tallest residential tower in the world, (414 meters), Marina 101 (425 meters), 23 Marina (395 meters), Elite Residence (381 meters), a comfortable, beautiful and now absolutely safe high-rise building The Torch having 348 meters in height, as well as gorgeous Cayan Tower with height over 300 meters. IMEX Real Estate can offer you a property for sale in almost all of these buildings. Besides, there are 394 more new skyscrapers to be built in Dubai in the near future.

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