Living Legends villas sold out

Tanmiyat Global has confirmed that all villas have been sold following the Property Show in London while two-thirds of the apartments have been picked up by investors.

All villas are now sold at Living Legends, a $1.9 billion real estate project in Dubai.

Tanmiyat Global told Arabian Business that its landmark Dubai project is buoyant following the Dubai Property Show in London, where Living Legends confirmed that all villas in the development are now sold, while two thirds of apartments have also been taken by investors.

Delta Real Estate revealed that the project's investors comprise 76 nationalities with GCC residents, Saudi Arabian investors and Europeans accounting for the most sales. The development has also attracted Iranian and Russian investors. The development will include 500 villas and 12 apartment towers, along with a community club house, 9-hole golf course, shopping mall, boutique hotel, schools and clinics.

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