Most affordable rental options near Dubai Metro stations


Read, where apartments in Dubai are the cheapest to rent out for those who don’t drive.

Dubai is a Middle East luxury capital, thus driving here is considered to be something absolutely natural. The main emirate’s rout Shaikh Zayed Road doesn’t even have a single traffic light, and pedestrians are definitely not the most privileged social group here. But the situation began to change recently. City authorities are concerned about making the streets greener and pedestrian-friendly areas bigger and more convenient, which also includes further development of the public transport system, putting the Metro on the first place, of course.

So, where to search an apartment to rent, if you don’t use a car and want get to any part of the city as fast as possible? It’s the Dubai Metro Green Line you should pay special attention to, Dubai Metro Authorities claim.

The longest time spent waiting for a metro train in Dubai is no more than 3.2 minutes. For comparison: in New York, you can wait up to 14 minutes for a train to arrive.

As in any other big city with a Metro system, the farther along the metro line from the center the apartment is located, the cheaper it is to rent, with the most affordable options found along the Green Line. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment for as low as AED 52,000 per annum near Al Nahda and Stadium Dubai Metro stations.

The next point on the Dubai Metro rental affordability map is an area near the First Gulf Bank station: here, 2-beds are offered for an average of AED 54,000 per annum. Besides, this neighborhood has another advantage — it is located right next to Shaikh Zayed Road, in case you’d prefer sometimes to take a car drive.

Affordable small-sized apartments for rent are surely worth searching for near ​​Al Qusais and Dubai Airport Free Zone stations: one beds here are leased out from AED 56,000 to AED56,500 pa.

And the most expensive rental apartments options in Dubai are found close to Al Jadaf and Etisalat Metro stations, as well as in the area of Dubai Healthcare City and World Trade Center. Here, average rentals stand for AED 120,000 - AED 130,000 pa.

Apartments located closer to the center of Dubai, next to major attractions, business and shopping centers along Dubai Metro lines naturally cost more to rent. These are the units located near Business Bay, Damac (formerly Dubai Marina), Emirates TowersFinancial Center and, of course, Burj Khalifa stations. Apartments leased out for an average of AED 89,000 to AED115,000 can hardly be called affordable housing, but accommodation in the center of Dubai has a variety of advantages though.

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