Nakheel to build 20 new high-rises on Deira islands

Dubai master developer Nakheel will spend more than AED 5 billion to build Nakheel Deira Islands mega-complex.

As has previously reported, Nakheel has ambitious plans for the re-development of Deira Islands in Dubai. Some of these plans have already been made public before, including an intention to construct a new 6,5 million sq feet mega-mall even bigger than The Dubai Mall. But the very idea of Deira Islands transformation is much more ambitious.

Nakheel has also told the press recently that the master plan for the Deira Islands re-development includes the construction of more than 20 high-rise buildings, of which 16 will be residential, two will house hotels, and another two buildings will be a mix of residential and hospitality real estate housing serviced apartments managed by a one of a famous hotel brands. Deira re-development will also increase Dubai’s coast line by 15.3 kilometers, including the waterfront in The Deira Islands Boulevard.

With its Nakheel Deira Islands project the developer is going to supply almost 4000 new property units to Dubai real estate market, of which 2600 units will be one to three bedroom residential apartments, 256 townhouses and 1,000 hotel rooms. Residential community will be divided into four clusters, each of which will have its own infrastructure units within walking distance, including a swimming pool, a shopping center, a gym, playgrounds, etc.

10,000 Nakheel Deira Islands inhabitants will also have enough of spacious green places to rest and walk in: more than 1,7 sq feet of land in the complex will be given to create green parks, walking paths, landscaped gardens, shaded walkways and a host of sports and wellbeing facilities.

Thus, in the second quarter of 2020, when the construction of the complex is expected to be completed, a new, large and interesting alternative city center for living, recreation and tourism will appear in ​​Deira, attracting for both tourists and local residents, Nakheel is sure about.

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