New fire-safety rules to be introduced in Dubai

Residents of Dubai’s high-rises can be sure now they’re safe from fire: all existing buildings, non-compliant with safety rules will be refurbished, and new ones will fully meet fire safety standards.

Dubai knows how to learn from its mistakes, able to recognize all its faults and correct imperfections. Several fires in Dubai high-rises that have occurred since 2012, forced the government to adopt new fire-safety building codes to protect residents from any troubles with fire.

In fact, Dubai fire regulations have been there since 2012, but some developers were simply too ignorant to fully meet the requirements. But now they will have to pay, literally. All high-rise buildings that do not meet fire-safety standards have to be reconstructed, that is, all non-fire-resistant cladding should be replaced with the proper ones.

Also, in connection with the adoption of new, more stringent standards, which will come into force in 2017, the completion of many residential projects will be delayed, but instead all future inhabitants will be guaranteed fire-safety. Additionally, new units completion delays will have a positive impact on the price dynamics fueling demand and pushing prices upwards.

Local construction companies are also interested in delivering fire-safe housing, thus they plan to establish A2 fire-resistant panels production, the first in the UAE. It is already being made by a conglomerate of Danube Group and Mulk Holdings.

Danube Group, which has the license to manufacture Alucopanel cladding in the Middle East, opened its A2 fire-resistant panel production line at its Dubai Technopark facility having invested about AED 100 million (about USD 27 million). And Mulk Holdings will invest another USD 50 million to expand its facility in Sharjah and start production of A2 fire-resistant panels on September 10.

Under the UAE’s new Fire & Life Safety code, A2 fire-resistant cladding is compulsory for all buildings over 15 meters tall. And home production of these fireproof facades will totally meet the needs of all Dubai developers: the companies will be able to produce up to 6 million square meters of A2 fire-resistant panels annually.

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