Russian Business Council to enhance real estate investment climate in the UAE

Russian Business Council is about to focus efforts on strengthening cooperation between business and public authorities in the UAE and Dubai.

If your interests lie in the domain of real estate investments in Dubai and the UAE, if your business is in any way connected with the United Arab Emirates, then Russian Business Council in Dubai and Northern Emirates (RBC) will be your entrusted representative and guide in the world of local real estate, business and regulations.

RBC supports SME initiatives in the UAE, including real estate market, and also is engaged in the establishment of economic relations between the Russian Federation, the United Arab Emirates, Northern Africa and other countries and regions. Recently, RBC Presidium was reelected, which resulted in further strengthening of the Council’s position in the business world of the United Arab Emirates.

The Head of IMEX Real Estate and one of the co-founders at RBC, Oleg Lavrik was elected as the new Vice-Chairman of the Russian Business Council. Together with the RBC new President Saleh Al Aroud, the Head of Al Aroud Group, Oleg Lavrik will be responsible for the issues of interaction between the organization and public authorities of the United Arab Emirates in the field of real estate and investments.

At the first meeting after re-election RBC Presidium members have identified the priority areas for the organization’s future activity. One of the primary targets is to simplify the process of investing in the region’s commercial and residential real estate for all the international investors. Now, when the international companies’ interest in Dubai is growing fast, the establishment of cooperation between countries in all business areas is especially important.

Organizing and taking part in exhibitions, forums, conferences, seminars, round tables and other events such as Cityscape Global, Top Line, The congress on real estate registration, Affordable housing exhibition and other industry events in the UAE and abroad was also named as another main priority for the RBC future activity.

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