Seven Tides attracts buyers to The DUKES and Anantara Residences

Dubai developer Seven Tides to sell exclusive property on the Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai at Cityscape Global 2015.

As the most anticipated Dubai real estate world’s event — Cityscape Global 2015 is getting closer, it becomes clear what surprises participants prepared for the visitors. And while too little is still known of the new projects, other known and even famous outstanding Dubai real estate projects won’t stay unnoticed by Cityscape Global guests.

The DUKES and Anantara Residences luxury real estate complexes by the Dubai developer Seven Tides aren’t new to the market, but that doesn’t decrease their attractiveness to investors as well as real estate end buyers in Dubai.

Just four months after sales launch, 80% of property in The DUKES was sold, and market launch of such project as Anantara Residences has also significantly increased the demand for quality real estate on the Palm Jumeirah Island in general. So it is not surprising that Seven Tides decided to build on the success by providing extra properties for sale in these complexes at Cityscape Global.

So, what buyers can expect to get at The DUKES and Anantara Residences, paying at least US $ 680,000 for the units with footprints ranging from 1,158 and up? Firstly, it is absolutely exceptional view of the sea and the Dubai skyline combined with a prime location on a man-made island that has a reputation for one of the most prestigious Dubai areas. But this is only one of the advantages of this residential complex. Among other conveniences for serviced apartments residents there are hotel services, a 4,000-square foot gym, 10,000-square feet of temperature controlled lagoon pools, six world-class restaurants, Anantara Spa and a private beach with white sand.

In addition, buyers of one or more units of the 45 apartments and penthouses in The DUKES Oceana and Anantara Residences, which Seven Tides will present at Cityscape Global, will be guaranteed a 10% annual return on investment during the first five years.

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