'Tenants have right to reject contract'

Tenants can, in fact, reject a contract when a landlord has made unlawful changes to the existing contract, according to a Dubai Land Department official. Existing and new tenants have the right to reject a rent contract if the landlord has added conditions through an addendum that contravene the law, according to the Dubai Land Department (DLD).
“The supplements or additional conditions added to rental contract should be only in case of issuing of a new contract to a tenant. The tenant, however, has the right to accept or reject the contract,” Mohammed bin Hamad, senior manager (Real Estate Relations Management) at Real Estate Regulatory Agency (Rera), told Emarat Al Youm.
“These new supplements or conditions shouldn’t contradict or conflict with the laws and legislation as well public order and public morals in case of issuing a new contract for the tenant,” he added.
In the case of renewal of contracts, the tenant also has the right to refuse to sign the contract, offered with the news terms, and seek legal action against the landlord over in the rent dispute settlement centre.
According to the Article 16 of the Decree No. 26 of 2013 establishing the centre, all committees will have to judge all rental lawsuits within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of referral of the case to them. The deadline may, however, be extended in accordance with the rules and procedures adopted by the chairman of the centre in this regard.

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