'Underwater' villas now on sale

The three-level villas, which have their lowest levels under water, are being sold at a pre-launch price of AED5 million.
The first 'underwater' villas on Dubai’s The World development went on sale on Saturday at a pre-launch price of AED5 million.   

The three-level villas - the lowest level being under water - are part of Kleindienst Group The Heart of Europe (THOE), which will have rain and snow-filled streets and floating bridges.

The consultancy has invited only investors and end-users to its pre-launch event and states in its invite that the 1,700 square foot villas are expected to be completed by 2017 with payment linked to construction timeframe. Emirates 24|7 has learnt that the developer will be officially launch new batch of underwater villas by March.

The Heart of Europe comprises six islands: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden and St. Petersburg with six additional destinations being Sochi, Belgium, Luxembourg, Geneva, Monte Carlo and Poland.

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