US $ 14,43 billion invested in the Dubai property in H1

New report by Dubai Land Department recorded an increase of investments in the real estate sector of Dubai.

Research and Real Estate Studies Department of the Dubai Land Department has issued a new report, according to which 19,848 investors of 142 different nationalities have invested in Dubai real estate in the first half of 2015.

The biggest part of all real estate investments was made by UAE nationals: 3926 Emiratis have invested US $ 4,63 billion in various property in the first six months of the year. Over the specified period UAE nationals concluded 2130 real estate transactions, the total value of which amounted to US $ 3,13 billion. The citizens of the neighboring state, Saudi Arabia, also were highly active in the UAE real estate market and concluded 999 deals in Dubai property market, worth in total US $ 860 million. Overall, more than 2,500 investors from 16 Arab states spent more than US $ 1,6 billion on Dubai property during the first six months of the year.

However, not only citizens of the UAE and neighboring countries have been active in the real estate market of Dubai in the first half of 2015. No lesser activity was shown by investors from such countries as India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia and China. 13166 real estate buyers and tenants from these countries have concluded a number of real estate transactions in Dubai totaling over US $ 8 billion.

"The various financial rating agencies from around the world are very optimistic about the economic indicators of the United Arab Emirates in general and Dubai in particular, where all sectors show excellent growth rates year-on-year. This confirms the success of the emirate's diversification policy. The policy has meant that the drop in oil prices in global markets has not had a major negative impact on the nation's economic performance. The Dubai real estate market is evidence of this success, with its ability to attract buyers from around the world. They have confidence in the future stability of the market and faith in the assurances provided in terms of a rewarding return on investment," said Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Head of Dubai Land Department.

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