Viking-styled beachfront villas taking shape in Dubai

Viking-vessel-shaped villa will be completed before the end of the year on the Sweden island of The World archipelago.

The infinite variety of Dubai’s villas, among which there are drifting and underwater villas, classic Victorian mansions on the Palm Jumeirah and ultra-modern palaces of glass and steel in Arabian Ranches, is going to include a new of it — Scandinavian styled villas on the Sweden island of The World project is getting ready.

The roof of each villa contributing to the Heart of Europe complex is shaped as the upturned hull of an ancient Viking ship. Project’s developer Kleindienst Group recently said it plans to complete the first show villa in the coming months. The construction has now already reached the roof. The next step is an interior design and furnishing by Bentley Home.

In total, the Heart of Europe project is about to include six islands with 10 seven bedroom Scandinavian-styled beachfront villas. In addition to traditional amenities, residents will be able to enjoy a snow and sauna room, floor-to-ceiling windows with a sea view, as well as infinity pool and their own garden, spa and a gym. Buyers will also be able to attach a customized party and chill-out floor to the house.

The design of the villas was created by architect Carlo Colombo, and the average cost of these exclusive apartments stands at AED 55 million.

Besides Sweden, The Heart of Europe also includes islands representing Germany, Monaco and Saint-Petersburg. And the developer also aims to recreate even the climatic conditions of mainland Europe in the streets of the islands with artificial snow and rain. And also, recently, the island of St. Petersburg was reshaped into a form of a heart being inspired by some of the Maldives manmade islands.

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